Global Rally against ISIS – for Kobanê – for Humanity!

URGENT CALL FOR ACTION Global Rally against ISIS – for Kobanê – for Humanity! Date for the Global Rally: 1 November 2014, 2pm ISIS launched a major multi-front military campaign against the Kurdish region of Kobanê in northern Syria. This is the third ISIS onslaught on Kobanê since March 2014. As the ISIS was unsuccessful […] read more

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Massacre in west Kurdistan!

Despite the periodical descents and ascents, the civil war in Syria continues for more than 2 years. The process which began with peaceful demonstrations turned into an armed conflict as a result of the brutal attempts by the regime to suppress the protests. Presumably the casualties have gone beyond 100 thousand. At the moment there […] read more

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Kurdish National Conference to gather within a month

The committee of the preliminary meeting of the Kurdish National Conference, which took place in Hewler yesterday, agreed on the gathering of the Conference within a month. The preliminary meeting in the city of Selahaddin was attended by representatives of 39 political parties and institutions from all four parts of Kurdistan. The meeting started with […] read more

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Final resolution of Brussels conference

The conference in Brussels was called in response to Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan’s suggestion to have four conferences to discuss the peace process, develop unity across all peoples affected by the conflict against the Kurds and enable dialogue on the peace process amongst people across the diaspora. The Brussels conference follows Peace and Democracy conferences […] read more

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Subcomandante Marcos sends a message to Gezi Resistance

Subcomandante Marcos wrote a letter of solidarity with the Taksim Gezi Park resistance and the uprising across Turkey. The letter by the leader of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN), Mexican rebel movement fighting for the rights of the indigenous peoples of Mexico, reads the followings; To the all citizens of the world, Fellows, […] read more

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Revolution didn’t solve the woman issue

Farah Barqavi , one of the founders of woman rebellion’s movement in arabic  world ,stating that women are started to be othered by men on  the process of revolution  in which they started together in arab world, said “Our movement that started to struggle with  discrimination against woman, emerged as a result of our struggle  […] read more

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In Iran, women struggle for liberation of women

The participant of Middle East Woman Conference, held by DOKH, Iranian Shiler Amini said ‘ The middle eastern women who have confronted many sufferings and become immune to these sufferings have nothing to lose. The only thing should be done is to come together for struggling.’ Shiler Amini, the participants of conference, the activist of […] read more

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Borders are just dust, fighters are the same

An activist, Nazly Hussein , indicating she led the way against harrass to women and marginalization in public revolution which started  on 25 january 2011 against the misuse authority of Egyptian goverment, said ‘ with revolution the people who saw the harrassment applied to women by army , changed their feudal point of view towards […] read more

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From Rosa to Sakine: the Struggle of Kurdish Women

Roj Women Association organized a panel for International Women Solidarity Day at the Kurdish Community Center in North London in the evening of Sunday 3 March. Our slogan, “From the Mirabal Sisters to Rosa, from Rosa to Sakine: your words are our words, your ways are our ways” reflected how the Kurdish Women see their […] read more

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Middle eastern women are meeting for ‘life and freedom

The activist of democratic free woman movement and a member of 1.Middle East women conference preparatory commission, Ceylan Bagrıyanık who states even though Middle Eastern Women share the same geography, the women of each country live separately from each other, said ‘we are faced with many problems that grow out of being woman, having different […] read more

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