Kurdish Women’s movement launches campaign for release of Öcalan

logokjbThe Kurdish Women’s Movement umbrella organisation (KJB), has announced the start of a new campaign calling for the freedom of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan. The KJB has issued a written statement, saying: “We are launching a campaign of resistance on 4 April entitled ‘Women in action for the freedom of the leadership”.

The KJB campaign, aiming for an end to the incarceration of Mr Öcalan, commences on his birthday, 4 April.
The KJB emphasised that the freedom of Mr Öcalan is more urgent than ever in order for the process of resolution to evolve into a lasting peace, drawing attention to the fact that the government’s reluctance to transform the process into negotiations within a legal framework indicates its opposition to a settlement, and also puts Mr Öcalan in a vulnerable position.

“The health, security and freedom of our leader is more crucial than ever. In order to defeat the international conspiracy his incarceration must be ended.”

“As Kurdish women we say: ‘His freedom is our freedom’, and our stepping up our efforts to bring about his release. By broadening our struggle we will ensure the collapse of the İmralı system. It is time to call to account this system that aims to enslave us all.”

The KJB called on Kurdish women to actively participate in their campaign.

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