Massacre in west Kurdistan!

rojava katliamıDespite the periodical descents and ascents, the civil war in Syria continues for more than 2 years. The process which began with peaceful demonstrations turned into an armed conflict as a result of the brutal attempts by the regime to suppress the protests. Presumably the casualties have gone beyond 100 thousand. At the moment there are armed dissidents and the military powers of the regime on the streets instead of people marching for their freedom demands. In the country where the destruction has reached  an unexpected level, Kurds are trying to protect the areas they live in and are trying to build up a democratic rule with the Arabs, the Assyrians, and the Armenians who they live with. Every public service ranging from education to healthcare is being made available for the people via the newly established institutions. Many people have migrated to Western Kurdistan from the central parts of the country, since it is the place which is the least affected by the ongoing civil war. Some political powers which do not want to take this situation kindly are attacking Western Kurdistan time to time in order to harm its stable structure.

We share with you some of the war crimes committed sometimes by the Bashar al-Assad regime and sometimes by the dissident powers and the gangs that are connected to Al-Qaeda since the beginning of the civil war.

1st INCIDENT: Al-Nusra Front which is connected to Al-Qaeda has killed 50 Kurdish civilians and took 350 Kurds as prisoners in the towns Tal Hasil and Tal Aran of the city Aleppo.

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