KJK: Let’s join forces to beat fascism on World Peace Day


KJK said: “We welcome World Peace Day on 1 September with a stance of resistance against fascism, male domination, female murders and the massacre of nature.”

Kurdistan Women’s Communities (KJK) Coordination issued a statement to mark World Peace Day on 1 September.

“The war, – said the statement – which was defined as World War II in human history, took place between 1939-1945. Tens of millions died in this war. Major devastations took place. The spiritual and material damages that this global war has caused to humanity are still showing their effect today.”

The beginning and end of this war, added the statement “which was the biggest war ever, coincides with the date of 1 September. The United Nations Council of Europe adopted 1 September as World Peace Day as an invitation to prevent such wars in the world.”

The statement continued: “The war order created by the dominant male mind drowned humanity in great pain, destruction, blood and tears. The beginning of this war culture and order that has survived until today began with the exploitation of women by men.

The statement added: “On 1 September, World Peace Day, people but also considers it as a day of struggle against wars, destruction, injustice, the fascism of nation-states and the patriarchal system.”

Therefore, said the statement, “we welcome 1 September 2019 World Peace Day with a stance of resistance against fascism, male domination, women’s murders and the massacre of nature. Let us continue to oppose the Erdogan dictatorship with great faith and determination against fascism. 

Let’s develop the alliances of freedom and democracy at global and local level, and a joint struggle among women, young people, laborers and all oppressed.”