The Coordination of the Kurdistan Women’s Communities welcomes the large worldwide participation of women in the 8 March protests and sees it as a “departure that will define the century”.

On International Women’s Day, countless people around the world took to the streets. Also in Northern Kurdistan, the strong participation showed the determination of women not to be intimidated by the regime’s repression.

The Kurdistan Women’s Communities (KJK) Coordination released a written statement praising the women’s resistance on March 8.

“The Kurdish women have overcome all forms of attacks of fascism and have reached a new peak with the resistance of March 8. Their tremendous resistance is a sign of hope and encouragement. The Kurdish women filled all the squares for days and demonstrated against fascism. Thus, they gave a new meaning, a new spirit and a new militant character to March 8. We welcome the militant attitude of women to demand accountability, to show their claim on the future and to overcome what exists.

We welcome this tremendous awakening of women, which, encouraged by the determination to resist, is taking hold of society and, with its colours, no longer leaves room for monism. We salute the resistant women who overcame the barricades of fascism in Amed with their words and their slogans. We congratulate the women in Van who took to the streets with great enthusiasm. We salute the women in Silopi who give their spirit of resistance to the culture of the Botan region with their words. We salute the Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian, Armenian and Azeri women who poured into the squares of Rojava with the passion of the revolution. We salute the women in Maxmur and Shengal who are in resistance for a free life, and the women in Tabqa, Manbij, Aleppo and Shehba who are standing up for freedom with their different cultures and colours. We salute the women from Kurdistan and Turkey who showed their determination to fight together in Istanbul, in Ankara, in Izmir and in many places in Turkey against fascism and the patriarchal mentality of the state.


At a time when patriarchal- and state violence continues to claim lives in Kurdistan, the Middle East, Ukraine and many parts of the world, the woman’s struggle shown on International Women’s Day on 8 March will define the course of the century. Women around the world who are challenging, condemning and rebelling against the patriarchal system are showing that a different, women-led world is possible and highlighting a political vision for the future.

The united challenge to patriarchal politics by Kurdish women, the women of the Middle East and the world herald the beginning of a new era under women’s leadership. The growing struggle and determination for freedom shown on International Women’s Day has determined the line of the coming struggle.


On the 8th of March, the Kurdish women, who have not given up resistance in the four parts of Kurdistan and abroad for a moment, answered in a clear way to patriarchy and especially to AKP/MHP fascism, which is the enemy of all women and peoples. With their culture and art, their political stance, their self-defence consciousness and their struggle, women have shown everyone that they will build the future. Millions of women who have flocked to the squares despite the fascism of patriarchal rule have set the bar for the struggle this year.

We congratulate the women who for days have been decorating every place with the colours and diversity of women rising up to resist and igniting spring in society under the slogan ‘It is time for women’s freedom’. Women’s determination for freedom and their attitude gives an even greater responsibility to all women’s movements in particular. Conscious of this responsibility, we promise once again that we will extend and lead the women’s struggle, which has reached a society-wide dimension, with great inspiration and determination at every level.


We are convinced that the militant attitude shown by women on 8 March will culminate on the day of resistance, Newroz, under the leadership of women. On this basis, we call on women and youth in particular, and on all our people, to celebrate Newroz even more strongly and passionately this year and to settle a historical score with fascism.”