KJK denounced the Turkish attacks in South Kurdistan, saying “Our people, women, youth and the friends of our people should unite around the guerrilla resistance. The revolutionary people’s war must be expanded in the face of this genocide.”

The Community of Women of Kurdistan (KJK) released a statement regarding the latest wave of invasion attacks by the Turkish army against southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

The KJK statement released on Wednesday includes the following:

“Driven by the neo-Ottoman ideology, the fascist Turkish state is escalating attacks on Kurdistan in an attempt to occupy it. The anti-Kurdish fascist AKP-MHP government has started an all-out war. This war is being waged as a continuation of the international conspiracy against Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, as well as the plan to ‘bring the people to their knees’. The military offensive which was launched on April 17 is the continuation of this plan.


The AKP-MHP fascism, which has been targeting our people, our freedom movement and women for years, knows no boundaries anymore. The invasion attacks against Medya Defense Zones, which started in Xakurk in the spring of 2019, continued in Heftanîn, Gare, Metina, Zap and Zagros areas. The April 17 attack is a continuation of the invasion plan. The guerrilla forces are the targets of attacks since they resist, protect the gains in Kurdistan and lead the freedom struggle.


Motivated by a struggle for power and family-tribal interests, the KDP is giving way to the occupation forces. It not only paves the way for the Turkish invasion of South Kurdistan, but also offers all the resources and wealth of Kurdistan to Turkey. The KDP’s betrayal and its cooperation with the fascist anti-Kurdish Turkish state are now seen by everyone. If the KDP was not involved in this plan, the Turkish state could not have attempted to invade South Kurdistan. This betrayal of the KDP is in no way accepted by the Kurdish people. Our people and women manifested strong reactions to betrayal and occupation. The Kurdish resistance should be developed and displayed more actively.


The attack of the Iraqi army against Shengal Defence Forces which was carried out in parallel with the attacks against the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas during the Yazidi feast Çarşema Serê Nisanê is not a coincidence. In cooperation with the KDP and Iraq, the occupying Turkish state is completing the Yazidi genocide, which ISIS could not realize in Shengal in 2014. The Iraqi state and the KDP did not protect the Yazidi community in 2014, leaving them face to face with genocide. The Yazidi community, which defends itself with its own forces today, is being attacked by the Turkish state, the KDP and the Iraqi army during its holiest day. This shows that the plans directed at the Yazidi community are not independent from the genocide committed by ISIS. The Yazidi massacre that took place in 2014 was recognized as a genocide by some institutions and states. The genocide has left a black mark in the history of Iraq. This black mark should not be repeated once again. The state and institutions, which recognize the massacre that took place in 2014 as a genocide, should also display a clear stance against the recent attacks if they are sincere.


We, the freedom movement and the people, are in a difficult period of struggle. Dirty plans are being introduced to target the gains of our struggle. If these plans are not prevented, the Kurdish people will face serious dangers. We must expand the struggle and resistance against this war of aggression and genocide. Since these simultaneous and multiple attacks are not ordinary, the resistance and struggle against these attacks should not be ordinary, either.


With a fighting spirit inspired by Kurdish leader Öcalan, the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas protect our values ​​and the lands of Kurdistan. The defense of our country is the duty of all Kurds. Thus, our people, especially women and young people, should contribute to the struggle everywhere. In order to increase the fears of the AKP-MHP fascism, North, South, Rojava, East Kurdistan, Shengal, Maxmur and every land where Kurds live must be turned into an area of ​​total resistance. Just as the resistance line of the peoples succeeded in the past, the resistance of our people against the fascist and genocidal Turkish state will also succeed.


On this basis, our people, women, young people and the friends of our people should unite around the guerrilla resistance. The revolutionary people’s war must be expanded in the face of this genocide. The resistance of the guerrillas will succeed through total social resistance. In 2014, the Kurdish people in Kobanê did not accept any option other than victory against the Turkish state and its mercenaries. They considered self-defence as the core value of a dignified life. This stance brought us victory. The people of Kurdistan, the youth and women must revolt against the occupation and destroy fascism.”