Solidarity And Unison Of Therevolutionary Women Of The Worldin The Struggle Against İmperialism And İmperialism!

The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA), in consolidation with the KJK, in a statement appreciating them for standing alongside the women of Afghanistan, announced that we will continue to fight against imperialism, fundamentalism and patriarchy together:

During more than half a century of war, crime and aggression in Afghanistan, women have been the biggest victims of imperialism and Islamic fundamentalist policies as their masters. But despite all these hardships, women continue their struggle bravely and have not surrendered. The United State government and military occupying forces has only been after their own interests and the fait and blood of Afghans has no value for them, that’s why they do not hesitate to train, create, fund and impose the darkest and bloodiest groups such as Muslim brotherhood, Al-Qaida, Daish, Boko Haram, Taliban and many others.

In August 2021 following the handing over of the government to Taliban by CIA and NATO, the first attack by these medieval groups were against in trying to confine all women and girls to their homes. However, the groups of conscious Afghan women continued their struggle with a loud voice and steady steps and did not give in to fear despite threats, imprisonment, torture, rape and any humiliation they suffered. We Afghan women have always been inspired by the courage of our Iranian and Kurdish sisters. Although Iranian female fighters are shot dead and tortured in the horrific prisons of the “Velayat-e Faqih” regime, they come to the streets with selflessness and continue their fight more committed than ever. Brave Kurdish women also reminded the whole world with their armed struggle against ISIS and its supporters that the only way to freedom and liberation from the clutches of fundamentalists such as ISIS and Taliban is the continuous and resoluteness resistance of iron-willed women against them.

It has been proved and undeniable that Islamic extremist groups in Iran and Afghanistan and most parts of the world, despite their false slogans of “neither East nor West”, are all Western-backed and part of imperialists’ agenda. Therefore, it must be understood that the struggle against fundamentalism fascism cannot be separated from the struggle against imperialism led by the United State.

Long live the solidarity of the women of the world against imperialism, fascism and fundamentalism!

Lets’ fight together for a world based on justice, freedom and equality!

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)