Newroz Cizre: March 8 is The Revival Organized And Beautiful Women With Spring

As Kurdish women, the resistance we have nurtured in the mountains, prisons, and uprisings in Kurdistan has reached its peak today in YJA-Star and YPJ, embodying the liberated consciousness of our Leadership’s philosophy of freedom.

As Kurdish women seeking the meaning of the universal spirit at the beginning of socialization, we are experiencing historical days when our struggle, laden with the values of freedom, intersects with the struggle of women worldwide. We greet the universal women’s resistance with heartfelt enthusiasm and celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th. From Rosas to Sakines, Olympias to Arin Mirkans, Hypatias to Zilans, Andrea Wolfs to Bışengs, from Jina Amini to the Democratic Nation’s pioneer Yusras, and from Hevrin Xelelef to Leylas, we bow in respect before the martyrs who have established spaces in the hearts through the struggle for freedom, converging around the meaningful slogan “Jin Jiyan Azadi,” uniting all women worldwide in the name of freedom.

The free women, nurtured by the Leadership as the continuers of the goddess culture in the rebellious mountains of Zagros, have thwarted the occupation attacks of the Turkish state on Kurdistan and the Middle East with great determination in the most challenging conditions of the mountains. The reality of free women, like the ‘snowdrop that pierces the ground,’ has emerged in the most impossible situations, overcoming challenges with high determination. The Kobani resistance embodies the courageous, virtuous, and honorable struggle for freedom. The women’s revolution developed under the Leadership of Leader Apo’s women’s ideology and the philosophy of free women has dawned on the 21st century like the sun. This sun confronts the icy system woven by male dominance with the gynoecology that challenges and enlightens, bearing witness to women’s struggles worldwide.

Women, the creators of democratic civilization throughout history, are leading a great struggle against the five-thousand-year-old system of oppressive masculinity in the Middle East today, paving the way for the construction of a free life. Neither the fate of the Middle East nor history will ever take shape without women. In Northeast Syria, the Turkish state is committing genocide against all people in the democratic nation system through the killing of women pioneers (civilians), witnessed by the whole world. The resistance fighters who defeated the ISIS gangs are now facing Erdogan’s attacks, attempting to turn the spring of the peoples into winter. As the women’s resistance against the male-dominated nation-state model continues, every day brings new springs, merging with the enthusiasm of March 8th for the freedom dreams of all women and peoples.

As Kurdish women, the resistance we have nurtured in the mountains, prisons, and uprisings has reached its peak today in YJA-Star and YPJ, embodying the conscious organization and identity of our struggle under the Leadership. From the militarization of women to partyization, from women’s confederalism to the construction of the Democratic Nation, we are recreating our identity and our ethical and political society around it. Questioning all knowledge about women with gynoecology, we walk the path of truth, rebuilding every aspect of life, and basing our philosophy on the wisdom that constructs, creates, and opposes the truth that blinds science and destroys women’s social values.

In the 2nd International Women’s Conference against the women massacre on March 8th, the spirit of Clara Zetkin, who made March 8th the day of working women worldwide, has reached its peak today with the honorable spirit of women from Werxelê to Cudi, Zap to Metina, Botan to Dersim, represented by Arin Mirkan, Sorxwin Rojhılat, Ruken, and Saralars. As Kurdish women, we embrace and sustain every day with the spirit and consciousness of March 8th.