Kurdish National Conference to gather within a month

nuce_22072013-180332-1374509012.28The committee of the preliminary meeting of the Kurdish National Conference, which took place in Hewler yesterday, agreed on the gathering of the Conference within a month.

The preliminary meeting in the city of Selahaddin was attended by representatives of 39 political parties and institutions from all four parts of Kurdistan.

The meeting started with the opening speech of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) President Massoud Barzani who greeted the attendees on behalf of YNK (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan) leader Jalal Talabani and Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan. Barzani also called attention to the importance of some strategical issues for the practice of congress works with success.

The representatives of all 39 political circles attending the preliminary meeting voiced their opinions and thoughts on the side of a peaceful political solution to the Kurdish question and the granting of Kurdish people’s fundamental rights.

The committee of the meeting also agreed on the establishment of a drafting committee for the conference, to include six representatives from northern Kurdistan, and five from western, eastern and southern Kurdistan regions each.

The committee released the meeting’s final declaration which laid emphasis on the necessity for all political circles to adopt a language of dialogue, to use peaceful and democratic means and to respect each other’s will.

Underlining that all circles in Kurdistan should display an attitude siding with national unity and avoiding narrow-minded ideological perspectives, the declaration remarked that the Kurdish national unity constituted no threat against other peoples and political powers in the region.

All sides agreed on the need for equal and active participation of women, youths, NGO representatives and all peoples in Kurdistan in the common life. They also put emphasis on the importance of a common work political circles should perform to ensure the granting of basic Kurdish rights in Rojava Kurdistan.

The political circles that attended yesterday’s preliminary meeting were listed as follows;

1-PDK (Kurdistan Democrat Party)
2-YNK (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan)
3-PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party)
4-KCD (DTK, Democratic Society Congress)
5-Partiya Demokrat a Kurdistana Îranê (PDKÎ) (Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan)
6-BDP (Peace and Democracy Party)
7-Encumena Nîştimanî ya Kurd li Sûrya (ENKS, Kurdish National Council)
8-Meclîsa Gelê Rojavayê Kurdistanê (EGRK, People’s Assembly of Rojava Kurdistan)
9-Partiya Demokrat a Kurdistanê (rojhilat, Kurdistan Democratic Party)
10-KNK (Kurdistan National Congress)
11-PJAK ((Party for a Free Life in Kurdistan)
12-Yekgirtûya Îslamî ya Kurdistanê
13-Komela Îslamî ya Kurdistanê
14-Tevgera Goran
15-Partiya Komünîsta Kurdistanê (Şui)
16-Partiya Sosyalîsta Demokrata Kurdistanê
17-Tevgera Îslamî ya Kurdistanê
18-Partiya Zehmetkêşên Kurdistanê
19-Human Rights Associaton (İHD)
20-Partiya Azadiya Kurdistanê
21-PSK (Kurdistan Socialist Party)
22-HAK-PAR (Party for Rights and Freedom)
23-KESK (Confederation of Public Workers’ Unions)
24-Partiya Serbixoyî ya Kurdistanê
25-DÖKH (Democratic Free Women’s Movement)
26-Komeleya Şoreşgerên Zehmetkêşên Kurdistana Îranê
27-Komeleya Komonîsta Îranê
28-Dicle Fırat (Tigris- Euphrates) Dialogue Group
29-Freedom and Socialism Party
30-Komelaya Zehmetkêşên Kurdistana Îranê
31-Sazmana Xebata Kurdistana Îranê
32-MEYA-DER (Mesopotamian Association of Help and Solidarity For Families of Disappeared)
33-People’s Islamic Movement
34-KADEP (Participatory Democracy Party)
37-Partiya Ayînde ya Kurdistanê

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